After Affair With Burger king Coworker Ends, Lady Shoots Her Romantic Rival To Dying

Beginning Houck were built with a problem: The lady she was deeply in love with was getting an infant with Chris Rotenberger. Houck switched to bloody way to eliminate this problem.

Christopher Wayne Rotenberger was created in 1991 and elevated in Pinellas County, Florida, over the bay from Tampa.

“He left his covering because he got older. Was not ever in danger. Very, very book smart. Only a great kid throughout. Everyone that met him, loved him,” family friend Elissha Kreiter told “Snapped,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Archiweekend.

Throughout his junior year of highschool, Rotenberger started dating Stephanie Dalrymple. They split up while still in senior high school but rekindled their romance within their early 20s. Rotenberger inherited his grandparents’ home following their deaths and resided there with buddies, including Dalrymple. 

However the pressures of their adult years place a stress on Rotenberger and Dalrymple’s relationship. Both were held in stalemate jobs, him like a dishwasher and her in a Burger king. In August 2015, Rotenberger and Dalrymple were built with a major blowout. In the center of the night time she known as her friend Beginning Houck, requested for any ride, and left.

Dalrymple moved home together with her parents but she and Rotenberger ongoing to determine one another on / off. In October 2015, Dalrymple learned she was pregnant with Rotenberger’s child and also the couple made the decision to provide their relationship another try. 

“They wanted the very best existence for his or her child. Chris’ father wasn’t within the picture which was something he was real big on. He thought about being there constantly like a father,” Kreiter told producers.

But Rotenberger’s hopes for fatherhood never materialized. Around the morning of November 11, 2015, deputies taken care of immediately reports of the dead body within the yard of the home in unincorporated Seminole, Florida, based on the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office. 

“The victim would be a youthful male in the early 20s,” Pinellas County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Jonathan Tobeck told producers. “He had an evident gunshot wound right side of his mind.” 

As sheriff’s deputies converged around the crime scene, the residents of the house emerged from the inside. They identified the victim as 24-year-old Christopher Rotenberger.

The crime scene revealed little. There have been no covering casings, footprints, or tire tracks: only the body of the youthful man cut lower within the prime of his existence. 

“I saw nothing from my trained experience that brought me to think there is challenging or any type of fight,” Tobeck stated.

Police interviewed Rotenberger’s roommates. Coping with him at that time was uncle Ali Kreiter, her boyfriend, Jordan, her brother Aaron, as well as their father, Christian. 

Kreiter told detectives Rotenberger got home from deal with 3 that morning. He spoke to Jordan briefly prior to going out front to munch some tobacco. She stated she heard a loud bang outdoors around 3:30 a.m. She assumed it had been among the dogs roughhousing. 

While detectives were interviewing Rotenberger’s roommates, they found that Dalrymple what food was in his house in hysterics. Because of being pregnant, she was come to a nearby hospital. Her mother, however, recommended a potential suspect to police.

“Stephanie’s mother explained in this area that Stephanie acquired a friendship having a female manager in the McDonald’s where she labored which the manager became possessive of Stephanie,” Tobeck told producers.

The manager was Priscilla Beginning Houck. Born in 1978, Houck was 14 years Dalrymple’s senior. She transported together with her the scars of myriad unsuccessful relationships. 

“Dawn has regrettably had terrible luck if this found romance and finding yourself in love,” friend Matthew Cleary told producers. “A large amount of the ladies she dated would declare that she was obtaining a little clingy.”

As the women in her own existence found her clingy, others say she was loyal and try to looked out on her buddies.  

“Dawn was very protective of anybody that they was close with. She was a person that will put herself before injury to prevent harm from happening with other people,” Cleary stated.

Dalrymple’s mother stated her daughter’s relationship with Houck had lately become not only buddies. Once she was removed by doctors, Stephanie agreed to speak to detectives. 

Dalrymple told detectives someone had lately been delivering her harassing texts. The written text messages were attempting to drive a wedge between her and Rotenberger.

“It was immediately after I discovered I had been pregnant. The dpi texted me saying, ‘Look here you stupid, fat ****, you have to leave Chris alone. He’s mine now … you’re just attempting to trap him,”  Dalrymple is viewed telling detectives in her own videotaped interview, that was acquired by “Snapped.”   

When requested about Houck, Dalrymple stated they were intimate however that it was not “an actual relationship.” She’d damaged them back because she felt Houck was getting too serious too quickly. 

Houck told Dalrymple she was deeply in love with her and stated that they didn’t like Rotenberger.

“She sent him a note on Facebook … essentially to depart me and her alone,” stated Dalrymple.

Detectives interviewed Houck, who downplayed her relationship with Dalrymple and stated she always understood she’d finish track of Rotenberger. She claimed around the nights the murder she viewed a film, then selected a drive. 

Police were granted use of Houck and Dalrymple’s mobile phone. In reviewing texts together, it grew to become apparent the older lady was infatuated using the more youthful. 

“There would be a considerable amount of text activity from Beginning forwarded to Stephanie, like, over a  1000 [messages],” assistant prosecutor Richard Ripplinger told “Snapped.”

“My feelings for you personally are pretty overwhelming sometimes,” Houck texted Dalrymple two several weeks before Rotenberger’s murder.  “There are occasions I truly can’t enable you to get off my thoughts,” read another. 

Houck had purchased tickets on her and Dalrymple to talk about a cabin on the cruise together in November 2015. Per week before these were to depart, however, Dalrymple broke this news that they was pregnant and couldn’t go. 

“That hurts a great deal,” Houck responded via text.

Even though lovelorn texts didn’t always suggest murder, Houck’s search history told another story.  

“I discovered that she’d looked internet ads for roughly 10 hrs on November. 6, 2015, for firearms,” states Jonathan Tobeck. “She had also looked for ‘how to purchase a gun with no background check’ and ‘cheap guns for purchase.’”

In February. 2016, investigators subpoenaed Houck’s bank statements, and located she’d purchased a burner phone. They tracked that phone as the one which had sent the threatening texts to Dalrymple.

Although the circumstantial evidence against Houck was substantial, still it wasn’t enough to acquire an arrest warrant. In Feb 2017, however, they found vague texts which recommended purchasing a gun from the co-worker named La’teik Samuels. 

Texts between Houck and Samuels known a gathering on November. 9, 2015. That very same day, Houck withdrew $200 from her banking account, rented a vehicle, and purchased field glasses,  vinyl mitts, along with a black hoodie.

Samuels was interviewed on March 1, 2017.

“La’teik informs detectives in those days that Beginning had contacted him about purchasing a gun,” Tobeck told producers. “He stated he ultimately acquired a gun and offered it to her for $200 in cash.”  

When Samuels requested what she needed a gun for, Houck responded, “It’s just protection.”

Samuels was requested to put on a wire and obtain Houck to speak about the gun she purchased in him. When requested where it had been, Houck responded, “It’s gone,” on tracks acquired by “Snapped.”

Beginning Houck, 38, was arrested on March 2, 2017, and billed with first-degree murder, based on Tampa Bay Fox-affiliate WTVT.

In December 2018, a jury found Priscilla Beginning Houck responsible for first-degree murder within the killing of Christopher Rotenberger. She was subsequently sentenced to existence imprisonment. 

For additional about this situation yet others enjoy it, watch “Clicked,” airing Sundays at 6/5c on Archiweekend, or stream episodes here.

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