A Youthful Lady Was Murdered At The Office And Her Employer Conned — But ‘It Was Completely A Misdirection’

When Terri Brooks’ fiancé, Scott Keefe, knocked on her behalf father and stepmother’s door in Falls Township, Pennsylvania in early stages the morning of February. 4, 1984, he said excitedly he was worried.

“We heard a banging around the door also it was Scott Keefe standing here,” Terri’s sister Vicki Bartolino told “An Unpredicted Killer,” airing Fridays at 8/7c on Archiweekend. “And he’s like, ‘Terri’s car’s away from the front yard.’”

Terri’s parents, George and Gloria Brooks, had not seen her since she’d left on her job because the night shift manager in a local Roy Rogers restaurant the night before. And Scott, who normally passed center after closing to sit down together with his fiancée as she appeared, had not gone that night while he was said to be working the first shift on ‘life was imple’.

The Brooks looked within their 25-year-old daughter’s room, also it was obvious that they had not get home after her shift. Her father made the decision to center.

“And he goes, ‘This is George Brooks, Terri Brooks’ father, you realize, she didn’t get home yesterday, is she OK?’” Bartolino stated. “Plus they stated, ‘No, she’s not. She’s been murdered.’”

Terri have been discovered by her manager close to the kitchen within the locked restaurant as he visited open at 6:00 a.m

“Her body was positioned close to the kitchen,” Falls Township Police Det. Tim Stefan said from the scene he saw that morning. “There is a butcher knife protruding of her neck, she’d black and blue marks and bruises everywhere also it appeared as if hands marks round her neck, like she’d been strangled. It had been believed that she was still being alive before the bag was put over her mind due to the moisture inside it from her breath.”

Terri was putting on her winter coat and her purse lay near her body, its contents spilled out — but her footwear were a little from her body, facing another wall.

“To my thoughts, which was most likely the very first act of violence that required place, that they was literally pressed out of her footwear, that the scuffle had place immediately,” Falls Township Officer Nelson Whitney told producers.

Terri’s manager described to police the drive-through window have been partly opened up as he showed up which there is around $2,500 (or nearly $7,000 in the current dollars) missing in the open safe.

Police interviewed Terri’s coworkers determined that she’d lately become among the cooks, an old Marine named Steve Daley, fired after he put a temper outburst in the kitchen area and known as her “a bitch” — however that he’d stored visiting center like a patron to “annoy” her.

Daley’s alibi wasn’t particularly solid, but he passed a polygraph test.

The coworkers she was using the previous night counseled me interviewed too had alibis.

Terri’s autopsy report returned and highlighted the brutality Stefan initially observed in the scene: Terri have been strangled, she’d a brain hemorrhage from her mind getting been banged around the concrete floor frequently, along with a bone at the back of her neck was severed in the stab wound. Due to the stab wound, the coroner stated, she was likely paralyzed but conscious when she was suffocated using the trash bag, that was what ultimately wiped out her.

Since the crime was committed back in 1984, the fabric found under her finger nails and near a defensive wound at the base of her right ring finger could not be tested for DNA.

But simply two days later at another nearby Roy Rogers, another female assistant manager was attacked by a mystery assailant appearing out of the restroom. And a week next, in Scranton — about 130 miles northwest of Falls Township — a single female worker in a different restaurant was attacked with a man who anxiously waited until she was alone after closing and tried to take advantage of her. When she couldn’t connect to the safe, he required her money and stabbed her to dying.

Scranton police were built with a suspect, Steve Duffy, who declined to reply to questions in Terri’s murder. Falls Township investigators got his prints, however they weren’t a match to anything in their scene. 

The situation eventually went cold — and remained this way for 14 years.

However in 1998, a brand new police chief, Arnold Conoline, purchased a brand new consider the situation and assigned Lori Markle from our prosecutor’s office to guide the analysis.

“One from the primary reasons the police chief put this restored concentrate on this situation was that there was developments in DNA technology throughout the 1990s,” Markle told producers

Markle and Whitney experienced all of the physical evidence to try and create a DNA profile from the killer and also to look more carefully in the victim, understanding that, regardless of the thinking at that time, the murder might not have been a robbery gone bad.

This is when they interviewed Terri’s friend — along with a coworker from her previous job — Cindy Bradney, who’d never been requested concerning the situation before.

“I began to inform them that, a few days before Terri have been murdered, she desired to call from the wedding,” Bradley told producers. “She just recognized it is not what she wanted.”

That was not the sense Terri’s family had given of Albert Scott Keefe, who was simply 22 at that time, to police after her murder.

“To her parents, Scott was this loving, caring fiancé who’d check up on Terri and drive by to make certain she was safe and provide her rides,” stated Whitney.

Bradney, however, stated the connection had soured after Terri required the task at Roy Rogers, that was of the Marriott Corporation and symbolized a steppingstone to larger and things.

“His jealousy grew to become a problem,” stated Bradney. “He was very possessive. Scott wouldn’t let Terri stay alone … She was afraid to inform him she didn’t wish to be married.”

To Whitney, the situation all of a sudden made sense: the way the killer experienced the locked restaurant despite the fact that staff promised the drive-through window was barred shut where the type of rage that will match the brutality from the crime originated from.

Keefe had since become married, were built with a kid, become divorced, and moved in together with his parents, where he’d lived during the time of the murder. (Investigators understood this because he’d lately been charged with driving while impaired in another jurisdiction, the New You are able to Occasions reported at that time.)

Forensic investigators had were able to create a DNA profile from evidence around the knife as well as on Terri’s ring finger. To be able to see whether it matched Keefe, they surveilled him at his parents’ house determined he smoked Newport cigarettes, which nobody in the home did. Then, as he curbed the household trash, investigators required it and harvested DNA in the cigarette butts they found.

(Based on the Occasions, additionally they retrieved cigarette butts from Scott Keefe’s brother, Charles, in a separate some time and ruled him out.)

The DNA from Scott Keefe’s cigarette butts matched the then-unknown male DNA retrieved at Terri’s murder.

Police asked Keefe for an interview concerning the crime and that he agreed they scheduled it for that 15th anniversary of Terri’s murder in 1999. He initially told exactly the same story because he been on 1984, so Whitney moved gradually with the more probing questions and requested him to consider a polygraph.

The polygraph indicated he was laying.

“Scott began to state such things as, ‘I didn’t mean to do this,’” stated Whitney. “But he then caught themself and stated, ‘But I did not get it done ….  With time, that culminated at some point in him saying ‘She came at me first’” Whitney added. “Which was the very first time he put themself in the scene.”

Eventually, he accepted she’d desired to split up and that he grew to become furious. He stated he punched her hard, clogged her, and stabbed her.

“Then, in the words, he bent to make certain she was dead, saw that they was still being breathing, so he grabbed the garbage can liner to cover her face to make certain that they would actually die,” Whitney added. “And that he stated he didn’t want to check out her face.”

Keefe furthermore accepted that he’d staged the robbery … and hang themself as much as seem like the innocent fiancé.

“Scott told us the main reason he visited the Brooks home the morning from the murder ended up being to lead him to look innocent,” stated Whitney. “So he’s encircled by her family once the crime is supposedly discovered. It had been completely a misdirection, a diversion that labored for fifteen years for him.”

Around the 15th anniversary of Terri’s dying, her fiancé, Scott, was charged with her murder.

He was eventually billed with first-degree murder, pleaded guilty in 2000, and it was sentenced to existence imprisonment. He remains incarcerated at the State Correctional Institution at Albion in western Pennsylvania.

For additional about this situation yet others enjoy it, watch “An Unpredicted Killer,” airing Fridays at 8/7c on Archiweekend, or stream episodes here.

Written by Stephanie Green

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