A Mysterious Disappearance, A Financial Institution Robbery And Botched Vehicle Jacking: What Could All 3 Crimes Share?

Matt Landry — a 21-year-old pizza delivery driver with a love for heavy metal and rock rock — have been the right, doting boyfriend to his sick girlfriend before he mysteriously disappeared from the suburb of Detroit.

That Sunday morning in August 2009, Matt had attracted a warm bath for girlfriend, Francesca Bommarito, made her a mug of tea, and introduced her a thermometer before asking Bommarito if he might get her any junk food, based on “Dateline: Secrets Uncovered,” airing Wednesdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend.

Bommarito, a waitress who shared Matt’s passion for music, declined the sale and rather made the decision to consider a brief nap while Landry left to operate errands.

But Bommarito’s doting boyfriend never came back. It might have a apparently unrelated string of crimes dads and moms that adopted for investigators to patch together what went down towards the promising music performer.

Individuals who understood Matt described him like a good-hearted, quiet guy who loved to create his buddies laugh. Because the youngest of 5 children, he was still being coping with his parents, Doreen and Bob Landry, within their Chesterfield, Michigan home as he disappeared.

“Creating music was what he was most joyful with,” Bob Landry remembered of times Matt spent practicing together with his bandmates.

Matt’s interests had expanded also to include his new girlfriend shortly before he disappeared.

Everybody — including Bommarito, his parents, and the bandmates — agreed it had been unlike the 21-year-old to consider off with no explanation. By Sunday night, Bommarito started calling local hospitals and police stations.

“I desired to know like maybe if he’d become right into a vehicle accident, maybe she got a set tire along the side of the street, maybe he’s inside a ditch,” she stated. “I have no idea what went down.”

His mother, who’d experience in banking, did her very own sleuthing by logging into Matt’s banking account. She was immediately troubled in what she found. The final transactions on his account were three $100 withdrawals from your ATM on Detroit’s famous 7 Mile, a place affected by crime and gangs.

“What was Matt doing at 7 Mile in Detroit?” she requested. “Why would Matt remove all his money from his account?”

Although she was wishing the transactions have been produced by her boy, it simply didn’t seem like something he’d do. The following day his parents reported Matt missing towards the Chesterfield Police.

That very same day, in another suburb of Detroit, 19-year-old Sarah Maynard was getting her very own harrowing next day of visiting the bank to cash her first paycheck from the dog kennel where she labored. As she joined the Harrison Township bank, she observed a man with shades was watching her. She attempted to disregard the person and went straight to the teller’s window, however the guy adopted her inside.

“I handed them my check after which when I set the check up on the counter, I felt a gun to the rear of my mind,” Maynard remembered to “Dateline” correspondent Dennis Murphy. “He stated, ‘Give me $50,000 or I’ll kill her.’”

The teller rapidly paid what money she’d, however the gunman didn’t wish to leave without Maynard and required she include him or he’d kill her. Inside a move that investigators would later credit with saving her existence, Maynard declined and sitting firmly lower on the ground from the bank. Frustrated, the person eventually ran off, departing her behind.

Meanwhile, Chesterfield Police had made the disturbing discovery the person taken on the Detroit service station surveillance camera making individuals unusual withdrawals from Matt’s account wasn’t the missing 21-year-old.

Still eager to find her missing boyfriend, Bommarito went to look.

“I can’t believe I’m carrying this out at this time. Looking through dumpsters in my boyfriend. I did not get sound advice,” she stated while holding back tears.

As she experienced Detroit, she saw several police cars and drove as much as uncover that government bodies had just discovered Matt’s eco-friendly Honda abandoned in the pub.

By Tuesday August. 11, 2009, Roseville Police Lt. Ray Blarek only agreed to be learning of some other brazen crime within the parking area of the nearby Wal-Mart. Who owns a red Honda Social told police that although he is at the vehicle, he was contacted with a gunman who told him to get away from the automobile.

The carjacking was thwarted, however, once the gunman discovered the vehicle would be a stick shift and that he was not able they are driving it.

Nearby, another officer observed a guy putting on a sizable wig, who rapidly required off running as he spotted police. Throughout the feet chase, the suspect thrown a gun and clip before he was taken lower with a Taser.

Blarek immediately recognized the now-handcuffed man because the same man taken on surveillance footage robbing the Harrison Township bank just yesterday.

“He’s a violent suspect. He’s involved with a couple of things that we understand of and you never know the number of others,” Blarek told “Dateline: Secrets Uncovered.”

Blarek started to question if the same suspect, recognized by government bodies as Ihab “IHOP” Masalmani, might have been involved with Matt’s disappearance, an idea which was later confirmed after investigators discovered a roadmap in Matt’s abandoned vehicle using the targeted bank marked by having an “x.”

The surveillance footage in the service station where Matt’s money have been withdrawn also apparently matched the suspect now in child custody however, government bodies still weren’t sure what had became of the missing 21-year-old.

They’d obtain answer following a 911 call was unearthed from the witness who known as to report visiting a carjacking outdoors a Quiznos Sub shop in Eastpointe, within 24 hours Matt disappeared.

“He’s got him through the neck now. He’s — I believe he’s putting him within the trunk,” the concerned caller stated from the apparent kidnapping.

Quiznos have been the final place Matt had used his bank card prior to the ATM withdrawals. The sales rep inside appreciated he’d requested what sort of sandwich might be best for his sick girlfriend.

His family was still being wishing that Matt could be found alive, however the heartbreaking truth emerged on Thursday August. 13, 2009 when Blarek and the partner discovered his body in the burned and abandoned home in Detroit. Matt have been shot within the mind.

“I recall the chief of police visiting the leading door. I understood as he walked in, I possibly could tell through the check out his face what he would let me know. I did not wish to listen to it,” Doreen appreciated.

Investigators would later determine that Masalmani wasn’t alone active in the the 21-year-old’s dying. Robert “Fat Daddy” Taylor, who had been just 16 years of age at that time, seemed to be arrested and billed with murder and kidnapping.

Both men were in prison for murder and sentenced to existence without parole.

“It required one second, literally one second to finish Matthew’s existence which one second has literally switched us upside lower,” Doreen stated.

For additional about this situation yet others enjoy it, watch “Dateline: Secrets Uncovered,” airing Wednesdays at 8/7c on Archiweekend or stream episodes here.

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