911 Call Reveals New Chilling Information Regarding The Dying Of Alex Murdaugh’s Housekeeper

Sc investigators released a 911 call that reveals new chilling information regarding the dying of Alex Murdaugh’s housekeeper, Gloria Satterfield in 2018.

The conditions of Satterfield’s dying have continued to be largely a mystery—but the Sc Police Force Division (SLED) announced in September they planned to produce a brand new criminal analysis in to the dying after Hampton County Coroner Angela Topper asked numerous “inconsistencies” within the account of methods she died, based on instructions acquired by that Topper authored to investigators.

A recording from the 911 call put on February. 2, 2018 by Maggie Murdaugh now reveals new information regarding the injuries Satterfield endured in the Murdaugh’s home.

Maggie—who was murdered captured in the family’s Colleton County hunting property together with her youngest boy Paul, 22—placed the phone call to 911 at 9:24 a.m. that morning to are convinced that Satterfield have been hurt around the property.

“My housekeeper has fallen and her mind is bleeding,” Maggie stated within the recording acquired by “I cannot get her up.”

Maggie told the dispatcher that Satterfield fell “going up” the eight brick steps outdoors their house.

“She’s on the floor,” Maggie stated, before reporting that they was “not really” conscious but was awake.

Once the dispatcher attempted to explain whether Satterfield is “responding appropriately,” an audible sigh could be heard before Maggie responded “Ma’am, no, she’s not responding.”

“I’ve already got them in route. Me asking them questions doesn’t slow them lower ma’am,” the dispatcher responded. “Knowing if she’s conscious is among the stuff that the medic must know.”

Maggie then told the dispatcher that Satterfield is “not really” conscious but is “mumbling” and breathing.

“Are everyone in a position to control the bleeding,” the dispatcher requested.

“No, I haven’t even attempted,” Maggie responded, before saying she’s “not sure” in which the bleeding is originating from.

Maggie then requested to “get off this phone” to ensure that she could “go back lower there” and deal with Satterfield, who labored because the family’s housekeeper for a long time.

“Can you bring (the telephone) along with you in order to ask her some questions regarding what sort of discomfort she’s getting,” the dispatcher requested.

Instead of responding, Maggie apparently handed the telephone to an unknown male family member who required over the telephone call.

“Ma’am she can’t talk,” a mans stated, based on the recording. “She’s cracked her mind and there’s bloodstream around the concrete and she’s bleeding from her left ear and from her mind.”

Ryan Alphin, the manager matters director of SLED, declined to positively find out the male caller within the recording to and stated government bodies wouldn’t be supplying any extra information in link with it. 

It’s still not obvious what condition Satterfield is at throughout the call because the male caller informs the dispatcher he attempted to choose her up.

“I was holding her up and she or he explained to show her loose…but then she fell go back over,” he stated.

The dispatcher attempts to obtain more information by asking a mans whether they know if Satterfield has ever endured a stroke before, however the questions seem to frustrate him.

“Ma’am, are you able to stop asking me each one of these questions?” he stated.

“I curently have them in route,” the dispatcher responded. “Me asking them questions doesn’t slow them lower by any means. They are relevant questions I must request the ambulance.”

A mans then told the dispatcher that Satterfield hasn’t were built with a stroke that he’s conscious of.

“She’s not unconscious, she’s just mumbling,” he stated. “I believe she’s maybe hit her mind and perhaps includes a concussion or something like that.”

A mans provided the dispatcher with information regarding exactly what the family’s home appears like and stated there will be a man waiting around the property inside a eco-friendly Ranger utility vehicle to direct the ambulance prior to the six-minute call ends.

Satterfield was introduced to some local hospital, where she died days later.

“Ms. Satterfield later were built with a stroke, entered cardiac event, and died on February. 26, 2018,” investigators authored within an arrest warrant within the situation acquired earlier by

Eric Bland, a lawyer representing Satterfield’s family, told CNN in October the family was told that Satterfield had tripped within the family’s four dogs striking her mind.

The 911 call will not make any reference to the family’s dogs.

Bland has stated after Satterfield’s dying Alex Murdaugh encouraged her two sons to file for a wrongful dying suit against him, referring these to attorney Cory Fleming—who switched out to become a good friend of Alex’s.

Fleming labored to have a $4.3 million settlement with the insurer with respect to Satterfield’s sons but investigators stated these were stored at nighttime concerning the status from the situation, based on the arrest warrants.

“The Satterfield family weren’t notified from the settlements nor received the arises from them, and also the settlement agreement wasn’t correctly filed in the courtroom record,” the warrants allege.

Rather, investigators have stated Alex pocketed the cash themself, depositing it into their own banking account.

Her household is now suing Murdaugh and it has already arrived at funds agreement with Fleming and the law practice to pay for the estate for that legal charges and expenses associated with the settlement with an insurance settlement.

Alex was arrested by SLED and it is facing two legal counts of acquiring property by false pretenses regarding the the alleged plan.

The conditions of Satterfield’s dying were also known as into question through the Hampton County Coroner, who requested SLED investigate conditions all around the housekeeper’s dying inside a letter dated Sept.15.

Topper stated Satterfield’s dying was not reported towards the coroner at that time with no autopsy was ever conducted.

“On the dying certificate the way of dying was ruled ‘Natural,’ that is sporadic with injuries sustained inside a trip and fall accident,” she authored within the letter.

Considering the “inconsistencies,” Topper requested the dying be investigated.

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