9-Year-Old Who Beat Pediatric Cancer Found Slain, Father Arrested On Abuse Charges

A Pennsylvania father was taken into police child custody on assault charges a week ago, eventually after his nine-year-old son’s body switched up underneath a lawn chair.

Azuree Charles, who had been reported missing on Tuesday, was discovered accurate Wednesday inside a wooded area behind an seniors neighbor’s home, the Pittsburgh Tribune Review reported.

The nine-year-old was apparently missing his footwear and socks when government bodies discovered him. Autopsy answers are now pending.

“I understood something wasn’t right because my lawn chair was unnatural,” 70-year-old neighbor Osie Taylor Junior., who found the boy’s body, told the Tribune Review. Azuree Charles’ body was discovered underneath the misplaced chair near Taylor’s property.

Taylor described the nine-year-old like a “gentle, nice kid.” Neighbors also told CBS the child had lately survived a bout with pediatric cancer.

Jean James Charles, 40, was taken into child custody on Thursday on misdemeanor assault charges, based on jail records. His arrest comes from a 2021 incident where the daddy allegedly attacked his nine-year-old boy over making noise and gave the youthful boy a black eye, the Tribune Review reported according to court filings within the situation. 

New Kensington police had received a study concerning the suspected abuse, that is stated to occured on November. 16, on November. 24 and billed Jean Charles on 12 ,. 22. 

“This can be a horrible tragedy for the community at New Kensington and our county in particular,” Westmoreland County Da Nicole Ziccarelli told reporters throughout a press conference New Kensington City Hall on May 5. “We won’t rest until we figure out what or who caused this child’s dying.”

No arrests happen to be produced in Azuree Charles’ dying, though prosecutors say they’ve identified an individual of great interest.

“We all do possess a person of great interest,” Ziccarelli added. “I can not comment any more at the moment because this is a continuing analysis.”

Officials haven’t revealed if the person of great interest is Jean Charles.

Information presently trying to question an individual taken by surveillance cameras, who had been seen walking quickly within the East Ken Manor neighborhood at about the time Azuree Charles disappeared , CBS News reported.

No more information was launched legally enforcement concerning the nine-year-old’s killing now.

Jean Charles has been held without bond in a Westmoreland County detention center, based on online jail records acquired by It’s unclear if he’s retained an attorney at the moment.

Anybody with a lot more information relating towards the open situation is advised to make contact with the brand new Kensington Police Department by calling 724-339-7533.

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