‘2 Boys Happen To Be Shot Within The Head’: 911 Dispatchers Face Deadly Double Shooting

Health-related emergencies are typical occurrences at Chagrin Valley Dispatch, that is featured within the docu-series “911 Crisis Center,” airing Saturdays at 9/8c on Archiweekend.

One call towards the Cleveland-area emergency dispatch center concerned an 83-year-old man getting a potential diabetic or cardiac issue. Another originated from a lady suffering a hypersensitive reaction that made her tongue swell enough where she can’t breathe. Supervisor Christine “Mooch” Muccino told producers that they associated with the potentially harmful allergic crisis. She’s been through an identical experience herself, and her history informs her work. 

During all of those other shift, Muccino and her fellow dispatchers fielded an unpredictable variety of calls in regards to a lost wallet, a naked man going for a stroll, along with a couple threatened with a lady inside a Jeep having a gun. 

But dispatchers were left shaken with a flurry of reports in regards to a serious car crash. “A vehicle flipped over and it is burning,” a caller told a 911 dispatcher. When police showed up in this area they reported the vehicle was totally engulfed which the motive force was trapped within it.

“We’ve got police and fire in route,” Muccino told a panicky caller. Two passengers were come to a healthcare facility, one with serious injuries. The motive force was pronounced dead in the scene. 

Local news outlets reported the victim was 18-year-old Herman Taylor, a Euclid Senior High School football player. His former coach remembered him as “a gift from God,” reported

“I can’t even imagine what his mother and family are dealing with,” stated a Chagrin Valley dispatcher.

The existence-and-dying dramas weren’t over. Another number of calls are available in reporting that “two boys happen to be shot within the mind.”

One victim was pronounced dead in the scene. The 2nd victim was transported towards the hospital where he died from his injuries.The suspects were juveniles whose mother known as law enforcement department. 

“It saddens me being a parent, because they are so misguided,” stated Muccino. “It makes me very sad they get involved with this because it will not have a very good ending.”

To understand more about Chagrin Valley Dispatch, watch “911 Crisis Center,” airing Saturdays at 9/8c on Archiweekend.

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