11-Year-Old Calls 911 As Her Stepfather Allegedly Shoots Her Nurse Mother To Dying

A woman in Indiana known as 911 to are convinced that her stepfather was killing her mother, all because the violence was unfolding.

Elizabeth Bennett Lewis’ 11-year-old daughter known as 911 around the evening of April 1 as Mac Anthony Lewis, 45, allegedly shot her to dying, based on the Clark County Sheriff’s Office.

“She [the kid] had known as while Mac Lewis was still being positively firing his gun at home and eventually shooting and killing her mother,” the sheriff’s office mentioned in an announcement.

The child’s 10-year-old friend seemed to be indoors and “in close proximity” to Mac throughout the shooting.

When deputies showed up in the scene, they found the shooting had unfolded in various rooms all around the home. Mac had already fled but Sellersburg Police discovered him driving nearby. They conducted a traffic stop and arrested him without incident.

Mac continues to be billed with murder, attempted murder, and criminal recklessness having a gun for that shooting of Elizabeth, a nurse. He was denied bond throughout a court appearance on Monday, WBRD reports. It isn’t obvious if he’s a lawyer.

Attorney Ray Wilder, an agent for Elizabeth and her family, told the New You are able to Publish the slain lady was an “amazing mother, a passionate sister along with a beloved daughter.”

“Lizzie gave her short existence to caring and helping others,” the spokesman stated. “Her selection of being a nurse only agreed to be extra time of her want to make the planet a much better spot for everybody. She’ll be missed by her two children, her family and everybody that understood and loved her.”

Elizabeth’s daughter and her friend are apparently traumatized by what they’ve observed.

“Individuals two youthful people will have an entire lifetime to cope with the things they saw and heard and observed,” Wilder stated, based on WBRD. “It is simply likely to be a lifelong challenge on their behalf.” 

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