Texas Man Wins $5.5M Suit Claiming Restaurant Overserved Him Alcohol

A Texas man has won a suit against a cafe or restaurant for the reason it overserved him alcohol based drinks.

Daniel Rawls of Andrews, Texas, was awarded $5.5 million within the Andrews County 109th District Court’s This summer 27 ruling around the civil suit, which alleged that the drunk fight at La Fogata Mexican Grill and Bar caused him to sustain a “serious and debilitating” mind injuries in May 2019, the Houston Chronicle reporterectile dysfunction.

After consuming heavily in the restaurant in Andrews, Rawls was involved with a violent altercation with another customer, Robert Henrickson, following a disagreement within the parking area, the suit stated. Henrickson allegedly have been consuming heavily too.

Rawls filed the suit from the business on May 17.

The court’s ruling in Rawls’s favor would be a default judgment, and therefore who owns La Fogata didn’t react to the suit or appear in the court. Center itself, owner Lourdes Galindo, as well as an unnamed bartenders were named within the suit. The suit’s claims incorporated premises liability, negligence, and damages as a result of foreseeable criminal conduct.

Archiweekend has arrived at to La Fogata for any discuss this ruling. Center has thirty days in the date from the ruling to appeal.

The suit particularly alleged the bartenders, known only as John or Jane Doe, wasn’t suitably trained by Galindo to note whenever a customer had had enough alcohol and can cause trouble when they stored consuming. Additionally, it accused center of negligence because of not calling an ambulance for Rawls following a parking area altercation with Henrickson, as well as for not maintaining your lot obvious of products “that will pose a tripping or falling hazard to intoxicated patrons.”

Because the Chronicle reported, Rawls comes with an alleged good reputation for intoxicated occurrences just before after the main one at La Fogata. Based on arrest records acquired through the newspaper, he’s been arrested two times for public intoxication in Feb 2019 and could 2021.

Another recent suit from Texas also involved alleged misconduct with a restaurant. Ma’Kiya Congious has filed a suit against her former employer, the well-known regional fast-food chain Whataburger within the Dallas-Fort Worth area, for allegedly reprimanding her and forcing her from her project for putting on a “Black Lives Matter” branded nose and mouth mask in August 2020.

Congious contended that they have been permitted to put on this type of mask previously which other employees have been permitted to put on non-generic masks. Regardless of this precedent, she claimed that the manager informed her that they would need to alter the mask which the organization did not want masks being worn that expressed any opinions.

texas lawsuit overserved alcohol

A Texas man alleged inside a suit he was overserved alcohol with a restaurant. Within this stock photo, a judge’s gavel is viewed close-up.

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