Proud Boys Member Charged with Pepper-Spraying Police at Capitol Riot Billed

Part of the Proud Boys who’s purported to have pepper-sprayed police officials throughout the The month of january 6 attack around the Capitol continues to be billed.

Christopher Worrell, 49, of Collier County, Florida, is charged with participating in violence on restricted grounds, knowingly entering restricted grounds, topsy-turvy conduct on restricted grounds, violent entry onto Capitol grounds, and obstructing Congressional proceedings after allegedly integrating with fellow people from the far-right group in Washington D.C.

Based on the FBI, Worrell attended the D.C. rally on that day outfitted in military-style gear and equipped with pepper spray, that they allegedly used against a type of police officials sitting on the steps from the Capitol building.

Worrell was identified in many photographs at the time from the attack, including one out of that they is at the rear of a sizable number of Proud Boys, with leading member Joe Biggs seen in front.

Worrell was pictured around the steps from the Capitol throughout the storming from the building, in addition to using his pepper spray in an unseen target off-camera.

“I don’t presently know with certainty the prospective where Worrell was spraying. However, in other photographs and videos from that time, police force officials are situated where Worrell seems to become spraying pepper spray,” Alexander Grandy, an activity Pressure Officer allotted to the FBI, stated inside a statement of details.

The FBI stated Worrell also seems to become present in the same position and simultaneously that officials were hit with pepper spray on The month of january 6.

“According to these photographs placing Worell at any given time when police force officials have been found in the direction where he was spraying, cheap rioters sprayed pepper spray at police force officials on numerous occasions only at that general location within the minutes surrounding this time around, In my opinion the likely intended target of Worrell’s pepper spray assault was the road of police force officials contained in these photograph,” Grandy added.

The FBI stated they received some advice-removed from an acquaintance of Worrell’s girlfriend, who says the happy couple were thinking about visiting D.C. on The month of january 6. The tipster also stated Worrell published videos onto his Facebook showing he took part in the riots on that day.

On The month of january 18, FBI agents interviewed Worrell at his home. Based on the statement of details, the suspect was “very irritated and upset” the FBI what food was in his house.

He eventually accepted he what food was in the Capitol on The month of january 6, but denied storming in to the building and then any other criminal conduct on his part.

The FBI stated Worrell also made an appearance irritated when requested concerning the Proud Boys, stating they’re “not really a racist white-colored supremacist group such as the media attempts to portray.”

Based on Naples Daily News, Worrell was charged with impersonating a police officer after pulling more than a lady in ’09.

Worrell was sentenced to 3 years probation and 2 many years of community control for that crime in May 2010.

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