This Modular Design Give Great Convenience In Small Volumes Apartments

It may seem like everyday home early glimpse, but the condo is 600 square feet placed on a cruise ship housing. Designed by Michael K. Chen Architecture (MKCA), Pied-å-Mer serves as couples getaway retreat for themselves and their children to grow because without transformation difficulties welcome to 4 people. MKCA apply their understanding in designing small, multifunctional space, while Le Corbusier reference fascination with medieval layout steamer to make smart convertible ground plan.

The layout consists of a convertible design, such as a folding bed and a dining table collapsed. Ability surrounding important reside striped aluminum pod-like system that helps set the gap while the toilet housing and storage. Space which is open into the bedroom number one mattress cantilever while pulling down. A hallway leading to the end of the wall in the toilet principles and cabinets, without difficulty accessible from the bedroom.

An around the seat on an alternative aspect of the transformation of the surrounding condos to eat while to eat, after all bedrooms 2d while needed. A sliding display to present any privacy surrounding the bed.

Design: Michael K. Chen Architecture
Photos: Alan Tansey

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