Mathemetics: Winton Gallery By Zaha Hadid Architects

Image Credit: Luke Hayes

The design of the gallery, which is an exhibition hall for Mathematical Science, located in the London Science Museum, was made by Zaha Hadid Architects. Completed in 2016, Mathemetics: Winton Gallery aims to be a design within the museum that fits its goal, encouraging future generations to the instinctive and physical aspects of mathematics. The gallery treats mathematics not as an academic concept, but as an application that makes the environment around us open to change and influences technology.

Image Credit: Luke Hayes

Much of the design at the Winton Gallery was shaped by the team’s fascination with mathematical logic and geometry. With innovations in design technology, Zaha Hadid Architects is on the path of rethinking, exploring form and defined space. The team emphasizes that the interesting, original forms that have become their signature are the product of scientific innovation, and such an effort is demonstrated at the Winton Gallery. Mathematics: the inspiration for Winton Wales ‘ spatial organisation was the successful flight of Handley Page’s aircraft in a competition in 1929. This British aircraft design, which is an important step for aviation and is quite important for mathematics or even science in general, is one of the key points in history and leads the gallery with the concepts of aerodynamic science that it contains. In the gallery, which is the product of a fluid mathematical approach based on account, the lines of airflow become physical. The result is a perceptible space that describes the touch of mathematics to life.

Architect: Zaha Hadid Architects
Location: Kensington, Londra, United Kingdom
Year Of Construction: 2016

Image Credit: Luke Hayes

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