Do Your Exercises In FIZIKA Fitness Center

FIZIKA consists of several functional regions. Downstairs there is a reception, SPA, Turkish bath, changing rooms, yoga area and an area for personal training activities. The top level is an open space with zones for different types of exercise and a fitness bar.

Gloomy colors, low lighting, unfinished surfaces, wire mesh – these elements are vivid reminders of 80s fight clubs. But right next to them are clean lines of tile floors and walls, the glow of glass partitions and mirrors, and rows of reflective colors in locker rooms.

Your eyes take it all in, your mind pauses for a moment to suck and process, and at last your body welcomes a familiar rush of adrenaline: “I’m in the right place!”

Architects: Balbek Bureau & Slava Balbek​, Alexandra Ponimatchenko, Sofiia Hupalovska
Photo Credits: Andrey Bezuglov

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