Artist And Designer Nathalie Du Pasquier Designs Amazing Tile Collection For Mutina

French artist and designer Nathalie Du Pasquier, regarded for her artwork and being a founding member of the Memphis layout collective, partnered with Italian tile makers Mutina on an expansive tile series called Mattonelle Margherita. The ceramic tiles mark a colourful collaboration that’s eacheasy and minimalist, in keeping with the simple-coloured tiles, even asadditionally being innovative and bold, way to the photostyles. The Mattonelle Margherita seriesincorporatesforty one hand-designed styles, which incorporates 27 portraitsand sixsimple designs withinside the 20.five x 20.5cm lengthand sixstylesand a pair ofsimple designs withinside the 10.1 x 20.5cm length. The hues and styles are designed to be blendedcollectively into any configuration imaginable, whether or not you need to cowla whole wall or floor, or only a portion, like roundhome windows or door frames. If you don’t agree with your innovative instincts, they’ve cautioneda chain of alternatives below, a number of which lean closer to the easy side, even as the others mess around and take it to some time new level.

The Mattonelle Margherita tiles are fabricated from glazed porcelain stoneware with satin surfaces that bring about a shiny and colourfulend. If you preferenceto apply the tiles in a placewherein there are anti-slip regulations, Mutina has advanced a unique anti-slip end that may be provided.

Design: Nathalie Du Pasquier

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