Taylor Lautner, Aubrey Plaza and much more Stars You Was Clueless That Had Real Sex on the watch’s screen

When you are an actress, filming a sex scene is complicated. From modesty patches to prosthetic genital area, the erotic scenes the thing is on the watch’s screen tend to be more like choreographed performances than actual sex. That is why some actors just choose to ensure that it stays real — very real. Taylor Lautner and Chloë Sevigny have both accepted to doing real on-screen sex functions on film — and also you won’t believe the other actors did it, too.

“Sex scenes can be very awkward,” Michael Fassbender has stated, while Keira Knightley once divulged, “I did a few shots of vodka in advance.”

Meanwhile, Mila Kunis revealed, “I mean, regardless there’s like 150 crewmen watching and also you see each other’s odds and ends. The entire factor is simply wrong.”

Henry Cavill, who got “a bit hard” after an actress with “spectacular breasts” simulated a sex scene with him in The Tudors stated, “It’s really really uncomfortable being naked inside a roomful of individuals. The last factor it’s sexy.”

Alone to apparently admit sex scenes can really be, well, sexy is Amanda Seyfried. She once described, “Sex scenes are wonderful. Lots of my costars happen to be sexy guys how old irrrve become, and thus, why don’t you? I am not likely to pretend it isn’t fun.”

Although both Sienna Miller and Hayden Christensen have denied getting real sex within the movie Factory Girl, about Andy Warhol muse Edie Sedgwick, rumors still circulate concerning the 2006 film. “I go like a compliment,” Miller stated. “I shouldn’t perform a sex scene that does not look real, because that’s my job.”

When it comes to explicit sex in Don’t Look Now? The show starring Julie Christie and Jesse Sutherland am steamy that Christie’s then-boyfriend, Warren Beatty, apparently requested the director to re-cut the scene to really make it appear less graphic.

In 2011, film critic Peter Bart confirmed what everybody continues to be thinking because the movie arrived on the scene within the ’70s: that sex was real. “It was obvious in my experience that they are no more acting,” he authored in the memoir. “They were f–king on camera.”

Click on the gallery to determine what celebs accepted to getting real sex on film.

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