Cha-Ching!See Jennifer Aniston, Matthew Perry and all of those other ‘Friends’ Stars’ Internet Worths

Let’s talk money! Buddies was among the best shows to be around the small screen — but ever wondered the internet worths from the series’ stars? Within the final two seasons from the decade-lengthy sitcom, the heavens were each compensated an astonishing $a million per episode. To this day, the six primary actors earn an believed $19-$20 million yearly off only the residuals.

The primary faces, Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, David Schwimmer, and Matthew Perry, are worth many, millions today — plus they finally sitting lower for any lengthy-anticipated Buddies reunion special, which aired on May 27 on Cinemax Max. Consistent with the show’s classic titles, this “episode” is known as “The One Where They Reconcile.”

While it isn’t a reboot featuring the figures, the reunion will mark the very first time all six stars have returned together on the watch’s screen because the show led to May 2004. While they’ve stored in contact as buddies (pun intended) by getting dinners together and socializing within the years since, this is the very first time the six actors can look again on television like a cast.

As the reunion was designed to tape in March 2020 to air that could once the show moved from Netflix to Cinemax Max, it got pressed back more than a year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finally at the begining of April 2021, the cast collected around the Warner Bros. Studios backlot while watching legendary fountain from Friends’ opening credits for that taping. The sets for Monica and Rachel’s apartment, in addition to Chandler and Joey’s, were reconstructed for that cast to recreate memorable moments in the amusing series. Even Central Perk returned to existence once more!

Inside a previous interview, Jennifer made sure that the actual show revival most likely wouldn’t work in this point in time. “If Buddies was produced today, you’d possess a cafe full of folks that were just looking into iPhones. There’d not be any actual episodes or conversations,” she stated in 2017. Jen put in another interview, “I have no idea what we should would do. I believe that time period was kind of nostalgic.”

Click on the gallery below to determine the internet worths of all of the Buddies stars today!

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