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Vakko Headquarters & Power Media Center

Vakko Headquarters and Power Media Center were designed by REX, a New York-based architecture office, in 2010. The center of Üsküdar, which is considered one of the most remarkable modern architectural works of Istanbul, is located in Nakkaştepe. OK the project, which attracts attention with its specially produced glass panels and its ranking cultural organization, is one of the most original structures in our country.

Image Credit: Iwan Baan

Vakko’s new headquarters is built on a total area of 12,500 square meters. Rex’s design is equipped to meet all the needs of Vakko, one of the leading fashion brands in Turkey. The structure, which has 1,300 square meters of transparent office space, has 56 different rooms where 200 people can work. Vakko Moda Center has all administrative units and creative staff offices, as well as showrooms, Vitali Hakko Creative Industries Library, auditorium, gallery, and Museum, as well as The Art Center, which is also a Vakko organization, Power Media Center. At the same time, about 700 works can be exhibited in the art museum.

Image Credit: Iwan Baan

REX didn’t start the design from scratch. In the area, there was an existing reinforced concrete carrier system of a hotel project, whose construction had already begun and was left unfinished. By adding a complex steel carrier system to the existing reinforced concrete structure, the team formed the backbone of Vakko’s new headquarters. Although the structure combines two different systems, it is impossible to read this distinction on the facade. The building is perceived as a single piece.

Image Credit: Rex

A second rational strategy that the office implemented when starting the project in Istanbul was to integrate their design into this project, which did not go into practice. When the Annenberg Center project, a science and Technology Center for Caltech, one of the most prestigious universities in America, was canceled by the University, the office used the concept they produced for this project for Vakko.

Image Credit: Rex

Vakko Moda and Power Media Center is a project formed by combining boxes of different sizes. Each box has different character, so the structure gets rid of the monotony. The steel bearing elements and transparent glass used in the part that forms the outer wall of the structure contrast with the mirror-like structure of the box on the upper floor. Located in the interior of the center and called ‘showcase’, the section is an inner core with a more complex fiction.

Architect: REX
Location: Üsküdar, Istanbul, Turkey
Year of construction: 2010

Image Credit: Cemal Emden
Image Credit: Iwan Baan
Image Credit: Iwan Baan

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