The Imprint – City Complex by MVRDV

Credit: Ossip van Duivenbode

The Imprint, a new art-entertainment complex located next to Seoul Incheon Airport, was designed by MVRDV. The project, whose construction was completed in late 2018, consists of a total of two buildings. The complex consisting of two buildings is a project that recreates the concept of an art center. There is a night club in one of the buildings, and an indoor amusement park in the other. With these functions, The Imprint stands out as an art-entertainment center.

Credit: Ossip van Duivenbode

The project is built around three basic design factors: facade character, raised entrances and gold-colored main entrance area. For this reason, there are no windows on any facade of the building, which includes a nightclub and indoor amusement park. However, the facade of the building was asked to relate to the environment. For this reason, the traces of the facades of the surrounding buildings are treated as a “print”. The building takes its name from this feature.

Credit: Ossip van Duivenbode

The main entrance, which is one of the most striking parts of the building, was created by the opening of the façade upwards and forming a cleft. This part, which attracts the attention of even the passengers arriving at the airport, is the most striking point of the project. While the entire facade of the building is illuminated from below at night, the golden part is illuminated from above. Thus, a visual feast is created for the guests coming from abroad even at night.

Architect: MVRDV
Location: Seoul, South Korea
Year of construction: 2018

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