Silicon House Designed By SelgasCano

Silicon House, a residential structure built by the SelgasCano team One of the original designs of the office founded by Lucia Cano and Jose Selgas, the house is located in Madrid, Spain. Completed in 2006, the residence has a living area in the green on its slightly sloping land. Silicone home is actually a design that contrasts for the team. The team coincides with the nature and structure that is against it.

Image Credit: Pablo Zuloaga

The October Yesil house is actually located in an area set aside for cultivation on a land wrapped in vegetation that has always remained green. In an area surrounded by natural oak, elm, Acacia, prunus and plane trees on a gently sloping land, the house was planned by taking into account the large number of these trees and the areas they cover. Le Corbusier had an idea that we saw in the design of the Monastery of La Tourette. Corbusier had left the middle of the monastery completely empty: in order for this empty space to have a plant formed spontaneously by birds and wind, and to create its own landscape. The silicone House is actually a design born from the exact opposite of Corbusier’s attitude. The house creates an artificial hole right in the middle of an area devoted to landscaping.

Image Credit: Pablo Zuloaga

The silicone home, according to the team, is a design that occurs in the space left by nature for them. “Nature here, just here, has left us a void. We can only fill this place with something that defines architecture.”he says and adds, “We are in line with La Tourette’s logic, but still this place is neither camouflage, nor the creation of a whole, nor the search for ‘ornagic architecture’.”Selgas Cano team. The team aims to define a completely simple contradiction with this design. They give an example: in Italy, the bottoms of some highways are painted sky blue. The effect to be captured here is actually to create the feeling that you are looking at the sky when you are under this wide highway. Of course, the desired effect can only be captured on a few days of the year-depending on the color of the sky. The team emphasizes its admiration for the effect that is actually being captured in this practice. Silicone House is also an experiment in nature for them.

Architect: SelgasCano
Location: Madrid, Spain
Year of construction: 2006

Image Credit: Pablo Zuloaga
Image Credit: Roland Halbe

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