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Sava Activities Completed The Public Space’s First Stage

Sava Activities is building a new public space in the flooded zone of the Sava River rim in Zagreb. The project, in which the Openact Architecture team focuses on a structure that can be easily removed due to the character of the region, consists of different stages, the last of which will be completed in 2024. The first phase of the project, which was awarded the first prize in the Europan 13 – Adaptable City international competition held in 2015, and the banks of the Sava River, was completed in 2019.

Credit: Marko Mihaljevic

Unlike other European cities whose settlements are at the center of the river, Zagreb’s urban structuring has historically been shaped by a trend away from Sava. The Sava River, the most violent branch of the Danube River, destroyed the city with floods in different periods; Although the rising water level was taken under control with the construction of the water sets, the powerful eerie image of the river in the urban memory prevented it from being a part of urban life. From this point of view, the project aims to re-introduce the Sava coasts to the citizens and to experience their potential to be included in the city.

Credit: Marko Mihaljevic

Nine activator structures consisting of steel piers, designed to adapt to different programs and activities, provide inter-site interaction by displacing project sites along the river. Although each structure can host a large number of activities with small changes, it creates an unlimited number of activities and usage possibilities with their combinations in the form of different sets. In this context, the project is constructed as dynamic clusters over and over again; tests the permanent public sphere production impact of relatively small-scale, variable and adaptive interventions in XL urban-scale scenarios.

Architect: Openact Architecture
Project Team: Zuhal Kol, Carlos Zarco Sanz, Sara Palomar Perez, Jose Luis Hidalgo, Barış Can Cüce, Zeynep Küheylan, Ozan Şen, Rana Zehra İmam
Location: Zagreb, Croatia
Year of construction: 2017-2019

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