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Ordos Museum By MAD Architects

Ordos, with a population of 1.5 million, was defined by the BBC as “China’s largest ghost town” in 2012. The local government wanted a new museum to be built in the city, within the framework of the new zoning plan designed to get rid of this ghost perception. Ordos Museum, designed by MAD Architects, aims to change the identity of the city as the new symbol of the city.

The Ordos Museum was designed on the basis of Buckminster Fuller’s geodesic domes. The structure has a metallic shell to withstand China’s harsh winter conditions and sandstorms. This organic shell wraps the entire structure, making it compact to the building.

The interior of the building looks like an airy cave with light from above. There is a gap between the galleries and the exhibition area at the entrance of the building. This space is illuminated by the openings on the roof of the building and the transportation between the two areas is provided by bridges. The garden, which is placed in the building and receives natural light, provides a nice working environment for the office and research areas inside the building.

The organic shell shape of the museum building, which is located on a total area of 27,760 square meters, rises up to 40 meters. MAD Architects defines the architecture of the building as ‘familiar but independent’.

Architect: MAD Architects
Photo Credits: Shu He

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