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Matmut Atlantique Stadium, The New Face Of The Bordeaux

The new stadium of Bordeaux, Matmut Atlantique Stadium, designed by Herzog & de Meuron, stands out as a design that goes beyond the usual stadium architecture in recent years. The stadium of the Swiss team, which is among the most famous offices in the world, was completed in 2015 and became the winning proposal in the competition for the stadium in 2010. The project was a design that marked the years of the stadium’s interpretation and the way this concept was implemented.

The new Bordeaux stadium is light and open. The purity and geometric clarity it harbors create feelings of monumentality and elegance. His stance at first glance leads him to compare it with a classical temple image. But unlike the raised pedestal of a temple, the stadium’s grand staircase blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces. Numerous pillars standing on the stairs accompany visitors to and from the stadium. Thus, the fusion of stairs and columns leads to an image of openness and accessibility in the building.

Image Credit: Iwan Baan

Particular attention was paid to the harmony of the stadium with the wide view of the city of Bordeaux. The column system and curving structures created with a meticulous geometric arrangement reflect the patterns created by the trees and roads in the surrounding landscape. In fact, while making architectural definitions, the word ‘elegance’ has become a deprecated description, but it retains its value when used to describe the urban and architectural heritage of the city of Bordeaux. This project is also inspired by the elegance of Bordeaux. Instead of seeking inspiration in the historical part of the city, which consists of breathtakingly beautiful buildings and typical limestone monuments; As things perceived as elegance in this city, scale is inspired by the material’s homogeneity and precision of form and purity.

Architect: Herzog & de Meuron
Project Team: Tobias Winkelmann, Paul Vantieghem, Thomas de Vries, Farhad Ahmad, Alexandria Algard, Edyta Augustynowicz, Florian Becker, Aurélie Blanchard, Claire Clément, Arianna Conca, Corina Ebeling, Martin Erlandsson, Billy Guidoni, Yuko Himeno, Elisabeth Hinz, Marc Hölscher, Julia Jamrozik, Hamit Kaplan,Thorsten Kemper, Evert Klinkenberg, Solène Le Gallo, Christina Liao, Aron Lorincz, Donald Mak, David Palussiere, Kevin Peter, Yann Petter, Louis Putot, Susanna Rahm, Steffen Riegas, Christoph Röttinger, Amanda Hope Sachs Mangold, Katharina Schwiete, Günter Schwob, Jan Skuratowski, Johannes Staudt, Ida Sze, Masato Takahashi, Raha Talebi, Miriam Waltz, Shuo Susan Wang, Romy Weber, Claudia Winkelmann, Mika Zacharias, Christian Zerreis

Credit: Iwan Baan
Credit: Iwan Baan
Credit: Iwan Baan
Credit: Iwan Baan

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