Limdim House Studio Has Built A Residential Property With Green Elements On A Narrow Land In Hue, Vietnam.

The residence has two different facades that ensure the interior is always getting enough natural light and air. While there is a folded wall with horizontal windows at the front of the building; There is a ventilation hole full of plants at the back.

Architect: Limdim House Studio

Limdim House Studio has created two different facades to ensure that the house, which is located in a tight texture, receives sufficient natural light and air. The folding shaped wall on the front façade blocks out harsh sunlight, helps the building cope with heavy rain in winter, and allows fresh air to enter easily.

At the back of the house, there is a porous wall system that prevents the effects of extreme heat in summer and freezing rain in winter and allows air and light to enter the house. This system is combined with the skylight and glass openings on the interior, ensuring sufficient distribution of sunlight during the day.

The indoor garden acts as natural ventilation, making the air cooler and cleaner before entering the house, as well as reducing the temperature.

The garden, which can be accessed from the bedrooms and bathroom, gives homeowners a sense of comfort and nature.

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