Lana Del Ray Body-Shamed By Marilyn Manson In Number Of Leaked Texts

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Marilyn Manson allegedly body-shamed Lana Del Rey on number of texts. ‘True Blood’ actress Annie Abrams, exposes him in her own recent Instagram publish.

Marilyn body-shamed Lana Del Ray

Marilyn Manson has debate written throughout him since time a lot of misuse and attack charges were created against him by various ladies. ‘True Blood’ actress Annie Abrams, that has been incredibly vocal concerning the alleged torture she endured by Manson and shared her “terrible” knowledge about him through a number of audio tracks and composed posts on Instagram, has uncovered the disrespected artist purportedly body-shamed Lana Del Rey.

He purportedly sent photographs and messages to actor Annie Abrams last year piling on Del Rey after trolls on social networking fat-shamed the star with different number of paparazzi pictures using the comments ‘Lasagna Del Rey’ and ‘Dodged a bullet there’. In another message Manson writes, ‘Not body shaming. Or whatever. However that pic is f**king crazy,’ before apparently attempting to justify his comments by saying ‘I know her. And my close friend was dating her and hilariously enough Used to do a photoshoot they used her extensions dyed black and that i had an octopus on my small mind. She’s really complicated. I’ll let it rest at this.’

Screenshots of chat

On Friday, Feb 5, she shared a few screengrabs of her alleged talk to Manson, where he’s seen poking fun at Del Rey’s body if they’re thought to be true. She captioned them, “#marilynmanson trash speaking/body shaming @lanadelrey and asking me to locate a mug shot of Ashley Walters (how cute is that this @illmagore ) MM: you wreck havoc on my existence, I wreck havoc on yours. Which was the offer, no? Rot in hell.”

Manson and Del Rey’s relationship

Manson and Del Rey’s relationship dates back many years, using the two getting been pictured chilling out together on various occasions. In 2014, Manson was made to disavow a disturbing video released under his name that demonstrated the staged rape from the singer, shot by actor and horror director Eli Roth. While Manson has lately claimed he and Del Rey are buddies, within the leaked texts he describes her as ‘complicated’ and when stated within an interview that they was ‘a problem’ to utilize.

Allegations on Mason

In allegations made by Evan Rachel Wood and a number of other women, Manson continues to be referred to as both physically and psychologically abusive, with several others coming toward say they observed the singer frequently bully and manipulate women.

Abrams also published a screenshot of the text by which Manson asks her to locate a mugshot of Ashley Walters, among the ladies who originates toward say she was mistreated through the singer. She detailed in her own publish how Mason allegedly threatened her and psychologically tortured her by manipulating her messages and then convincing her that they are sent by her. She stated she possessed a couple of mysterious activities for example strange phone-calls, missing epilepsy pills, knocks on my small door only to discover nobody there, and past users being put into her Facebook following the incident with Manson.

Fans support Lana

Del Rey hasn’t commented around the allegations or even the texts. Because the texts emerged, numerous Manson’s fans have started targeting Del Rey on social networking with what many are describing as an make an effort to distract from the various shocking allegations being made against him. Others took Twitter to protect Del Rey and express their outrage at Manson’s blatant bullying, with one user commenting, ‘This scumbag really hates women.’

interesting that attacking lana del rey appears to become marilyn manson fans’ technique to draw attention away from the general public from him being outed like a rapist by multiple ladies and charged with creepy rapist behavior by more.— jesse 🧚 (@MERGIRLGAGA) Feb 8, 2021

Manson has denied the allegations of abuse, labelling them ‘horrible distortions of reality’.

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