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Its Name Is Beautiful Like Itself, Tverrfjellhytta

Tverrfjellhytta, also known as the Norwegian Wild Reindeer Centre Pavillion, was designed by Snøhetta in 2009. The project is located in the Dovrefjell Natural Park at the foot of Hjerkinn, on a hillside overlooking Mount Snøhetta, which gives its name to the architectural office. The 90-square-meter structure, which is open to visitors, is used as a Cruising Pavilion where training programs related to reindeer are carried out.

The pavilion is located on a slope 1200 meters above sea level, and transportation here is provided by a 1.5-kilometer-long path. The Dovrefjell mountain range divides Norway into two parts, north and South, and this is a unique natural habitat for many animals and plants, especially reindeer. In addition, the importance of these mountain ranges in Norwegian written and oral culture is quite great.

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Snohetta made design decisions based on the natural, cultural and mythological heritage of the Dovre mountains. The pavilion is formed by the closure of an organic interior with a hard and rigid shell. The south-facing outer wall and the organic form inside the structure create a preserved and warm gathering place, giving visitors a unique view of the Snohetta mountains.

One of the most important decisions in tverrfjellhytta’s design is the choice of materials. Materials that can withstand cold and harsh climatic conditions were preferred in the pavilion. The rectangular frame forming the shell of the structure was constructed using raw steel. The simple form of this box and the steel used refer to local construction techniques.

Architect: Snohetta
Location: Hjerkinn, Norway
Year of construction: 2009-2011

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