Iconic Building in Prague, Dancing House

Designed by Frank Gehry in Prague’s city center, Dancing House was built between 1992-1996. Called the Dancing House because it resembles Hollywood’s famous dancing couple Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the 1930s, the building is an important example of postmodern architecture.

In the area where the Dancing House is located, stood a 19th century building with Renaissance influences. This historical building II. As a result of its collapse during World War II, it was decided to build a new and modern building in its place. Dutch ING Bank decided to build a new house here. ING, who first met with Jean Nouvel, made a deal with Frank Gehry when Jean Nouvel rejected the offer because he thought the land was small.

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ING Bank wanted to create a new icon in Prague, so Gehry had an almost unlimited budget. In this way, Gehry was able to bring his deconstructivist ideas to life. The Dancing House consists of two bodies. The first body is a glass tower supported by inclined pillars. The second body, on the other hand, has a wavy structure that runs parallel to the river. These wavy shapes formed with molds and the fact that the windows are not aligned linearly give the building the effect of moving.

Architect: Frank Gehry & Vlado Milunic
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Production year: 1994-1996


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