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Credit: Iwan Baan

Second Home Hollywood (holLA) designed by SelgasCano is a kind of office project. HolLA is the first location in America for the company called Second Home, which defines itself as a social business with a mission to support creativity and entrepreneurship by designing collaborative spaces around the world. Established by Jose Selgas and Lucia Cano, the design of the office is “a kind of collection space that combines various recipes and ingredients of California Cocktail” for the team.

Credit: Iwan Baan

Spreading an area of ​​approximately 8,436 square meters in the south of Hollywood, the project re-evaluates two buildings on the site and designed by architect Paul Williams in 1964 in Los Angeles. The first building, one of the examples of the Neocolonialism movement, forms the main and entrance building of this very large land. 320 mobile locations on the ground floor of this existing building as part of the Second Home Hollywood project (for self-employed people in common areas without renting offices); On the first floor, there are a cafe, bar, restaurant, event and conference hall, recreation areas, open terraces and 200 offices with their own work area.

Credit: Iwan Baan

Another of the buildings in the area was demolished. The reason for this is to make room for the most striking part of the project: 60 colorful, oval office blocks. In the Second Home Hollywood project, the underground parking area on the land is filled with 60 individual offices and meeting rooms with a distinctive oval shape, completely covered with glass and can accommodate 700 people. Between all these offices and meeting areas is used as a garden. While creating these offices, the team created 4 different oval forms. These different forms make up different sized offices. The resulting offices were scattered across the Second Home Hollywood’s garden, after the top of the parking lot was covered with approximately 1.2 meters of soil: yellow ceilings of different sizes with green gushing between them.

Architect: SelgasCano
Location: Los Angeles, California, USA
Year of construction: 2019

Credit: Iwan Baan
Credit: Iwan Baan
Credit: Iwan Baan

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