Concrete Villa Made Of Using Geometry

Nestled between the Caspian and Sisangan forest is a non-public house designed with architects using the MADO withinside Sisangan province of Iran. Customers demand, taking a severe conscience privacy. Architects located concrete slabs in a manner similar to their attempts to cross each other. The slabs intersect create exciting geometric angles, including an ambitious and precise meaning to form. Vernacular structure surrounding the BUILD transformed into used as a source of inspiration, with the effects of villa merging with it.

The layout started with a rectangular shape. The facets of the seats had been detached, separated and surrounded, so that the interior of the house is lit constantly gently herbal. The rectangular facets surrounded now only allow more light to enter practice, however, also create a sensible Courting between inside and outside. Strong walls sloping roof and maintain total privacy and do all you. In fact, the shape looks like a platform game of playing cards arranged in a fun way! Indirect control partitions to create a deeply private area simultaneously transmit a slight reference to nature.

The complete villa is built mainly of concrete and glass, which gives a sense quite another world to her. The materials allow the villa to merge harmoniously with the surrounding woods and countryside. The end result of ceasefire is a non-public area residents exciting geometrically placed on a magnificent site.

Architect: MADO Architects

Written by Stephanie Green

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