Canine and Feline Hotel Hosts Pets from Local Studio Raulino Silva Arquitecto in Parada, Portugal

When the owners go on a trip for business or leisure, they can have a pleasant time at the Canine and Feline Hotel, which includes pets, a care room and a pet pool. The facility includes a veterinarian, care rooms and an office.

The cat hotel at the resort has twelve separate rooms facing inwards towards an indoor playground illuminated by a large lamp for cat guests.

Raulino Silva Arquitecto has positioned the dog hotel as a separate block to minimize noise and keep guests from different breeds separate. This long block contains two rows of huts on either side of a corridor that open to an indoor playground for dogs.

An inner garden running through the middle of the corridor prevents dogs from seeing each other. All rooms have large glass windows overlooking the garden.

In this two-storey building, a staff area with a shower and a dressing room accessed by a spiral staircase are also designed.

There is also an area in the facility that allows dogs to play and train outside. This area is secured by a mesh fence suspended from granite poles used as a support for vineyards. The original granite walls around the site were restored and local granite was used to pave the access road to the loading and unloading areas in the basement.

Raulino Silva Arquitecto covered the outside of Canine and Feline Hotel with white-gray panels of the external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS). The roof is covered with a heat insulating layer made of bitumen and fixed with pebbles.

The floors are made of self-leveling epoxy, a durable and easy-to-clean material that is applied to concrete and creates a seamless surface. A single gray microcement layer is applied to the floors of the bathrooms to create a non-slip but washable surface. Doors and cabinets are made of white lacquered MDF.

Architect: Raulino Silva Arquitecto

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