Amazing Work , Grove Cab

Designer says:

“The world is changing – so are we. Modern trends set a new tone in the construction of housing for recreation. And the key factor that shapes the “character” of architecture is the environment.

The latest type of architecture called “prefabricated” is gaining more and more popularity in the world. It is widely used in Europe and abroad for the construction of houses ideal for housing and recreation. This approach to the formation of architecture allows you to go beyond traditional construction and minimize its impact on nature.

The architectural feature of such buildings is that all key components are prepared in the factory in languages, and in the future, only their installation is carried out without on average on the site. This allows you to improve quality and minimize construction time.

“Grove сab” is a unique house for outdoor recreation, which can be installed in any cosy place. It will allow you to forget about everyday life, get rid of the hustle and bustle.”

Architects:  Lybomyr Trofimov / Petro Pidsadnyuk / Valerii Shcherbak
Actual Status: realize
Project Area: 24,57 sq.m.Location: Lviv, Ukraine
Project Year:  2017
Vizulisation: Submarina

Written by Stephanie Green

I am dreamer and book reader.

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