A Part Of Shanghai International Cruise Terminal, Goa Yang

Designed by British architect Will Alsop, Goa Yang is part of the Shanghai International Cruise Terminal. Located on the banks of the Huangpu River in Shanghai, the terminal is a passenger terminal with an annual flow of 1.5 million people.

Will Alsop, who completed his architectural education at the Architectural Association School of Architecture in the 1960s, complains that the approach to architecture has changed a lot compared to his own student period. Alsop, who noted that in the UK, the risk factor affects projects a lot, and the importance of money is always highlighted, emphasizes that it is freer to do projects in China.

Image Credit: aLL Design

Alsop has signed many designs in China with his architectural office aLL Design. Alsop’s” most proud ” design among these projects is Gao Yang. Gao Yang, which opened in conjunction with the 2010 Expo Fair in Shanghai, combines commercial and public spaces.

The most notable part of the structure is the three organic volumes suspended in the air. One of the three volumes that hang in the air apart from each other is a restaurant four stories high. The other two are used as bars. All three volumes, covered with colorful facade elements, are accessed from a vertical circulation tower located in the middle of the structure. All three volumes were held in the air by hanging from certain points of the huge Bolshoi opened in the structure.

Architect: Will Alsop & – aLL Design
Location: Shanghai, China
Year of construction: 2010

Image Credit: aLL Design
Image Credit: aLL Design
Image Credit: aLL Design
Image Credit: aLL Design

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