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20-Year-Old YouTuber Dies After Being Fatally Shot During Alleged Robbery Prank Video

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News On eleventh Feb 2021

Timothy Wilks along with a friend, transporting large butcher knives, contacted someone to handle their alleged ‘prank’ robbery that they are shooting for YouTube. But things went wrong when among the guys in the group brought out his gun and shot Timothy inside a self-defense killing the youthful guy immediately.

Inside a tragic incident a youthful boy, 20, died after being shot during filming an alleged ‘prank’ robbery video for YouTube

Two youthful guys, Timothy Wilks, along with a friend desired to film something thrilling for his or her youtube so that they contacted someone outdoors Urban Air Trampoline and Adventure Park in Nashville, Tennessee, to do a ‘robbery’ prank.Mostly during such prank videos, both parties are participating however these guys made the decision to help keep it natural and merely visited the audience serving as robbers.The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department states they both were each transporting large butcher knives so that as they contacted the audience, one member brought out a gun and discharged the fatal shot.   

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The incident, resulting within the two friend’s dying, happened on fifth Feb, Friday

Timothy Wilks was shot dead by 23-year-old David Starnes Junior. who states he was clueless that it had been a prank. Wilks’ friend states both of them were getting involved in a stunt for YouTube and weren’t real robbers.Once the police showed up in the crime scene at 9.25 pm, Starnes accepted to shooting Wilks stated he shot the weapon in self-defense because the two men contacted using the knives. 

The man who pulled the trigger isn’t facing any charges

Many families were within the Urban Airpark if this tragedy required place. Starnes, 23, is not facing any charges, as the situation continues to be investigated.Based on Guns To Hold, Tennessee firearms law is recognized as ‘gun-friendly without any requirement of purchase approval or registration of firearms’.Based on the Sun, an attorney told Fox affiliate WZTV‘I’m sure the folks involved want to characterize this like a prank. However it certainly appears to become a prank that went seriously awry.’

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Harmful prank videos are extremely common online

The sad factor is the fact that such prank videos are extremely common online, but the majority of the time both sides know of the prank in advance. 

Roger Fregoso/9 News/YouTube

They have banned to publish or share such violent content

YouTube rules go strictly against these harmful or threatening pranks, the woking platform had banned to publish or share such violent videos 2 yrs ago.The videos with stunts that ‘lead victims to fear imminent serious physical danger or that induce serious emotional distress in minors’ aren’t permitted to become published around the platform. 

YouTube has additionally prohibited videos involving threats with weapons and pretend robberies from being published on their own site. They have announced to consider lower any video which has ‘extremely harmful challenges’ for example individuals that ‘pose an imminent chance of physical injuries.’

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